My Portfolio

A showcase of my projects and my abilities.

My Name is Nicholas Babu

A passionate full stack developer

Tech Stacks am most familiar with include;

Php, Javascript, Drupal, Symfony/Laravel, React Js/Vue js, Node js, Sass, Webpack/gulp, C#, .NET, React Native

Store app
(A point of sale app)

Store app:
a desktop application that runs on a windows computer, it lets a store owner; Track sales as well as stock-in. Set product line items categories, eg kids, infants etc. Set low stock limit warning(s) according to their store size, when a product reaches a limit there's a tab to access all that so one can re-stock in time. View your best performing product(s) as well as the least or non-moving. Organize your store employees in roles, so it's easier to ask questions and get the right response. Backup your data locally on your machine, and use it between your store upgrades or migrations. Store app aims at helping store owners keep their store organised, as one has real-time access to their store's data. One can navigate through the various categories set, access product line item performance , remaining stock and cost: and therefore be able to make better decisions next time, eg what product to order in large and what not to.

Tech used: Nodejs, electron, react js, sqlite

CSV file processor

Convert csv files (simultaneously) to json, then determine from the json items, what field is price and it's related procedure name, and post the values to a database for others to review.

Tech used: Nodejs, electron, react js

Lipa payments
module for drupal 8

A drupal module that seeks to integrate mobile money payment systems (mpesa +) in Kenya with drupal(cms) At this point this module is still in development and is not ready for use in production yet.

Tech used: Php, Drupal, Restful api